Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 28, 2015

Happiness is:
1. Japan!
2. Had my first official IR trip to Japan and was given a rating of 8/10. Not bad. Not bad at all.
3. My kids for behaving and stepping up when I was abroad.
4. The Ichiran Ramen
5. The cold weather and the Tokyo Shangri-la experience.
6. The traditional Japanese 6 and 9-course meals.
7. Bento boxes and the Japanese hospitality
8. The Shibuya Experience
9. Japan's train system
10. Viber for when roaming does not work.

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Ichiran Rameeeeennnnnn!

Jan 27, 2015

There are so many ramen stores now in the Philippines but sad to say, I have never been to one.  I didn't think that I would miss a lot as we eat noodles in pouches at home, hahahaha. But of course, there is a world of difference between the two, and after eating at Ichiran in Shibuya, Japan, now I know what I have been missing! And the experience was quiet unique too!

Okay, so the trip to Japan was for business, and since we had a full schedule, we know that we won't have many places to go.  During one of the meetings, one of the guests recommended this ramen place that was a hot with foreigners and gave us a map on how to get there. We were supposed to go to Ginza, but since this ramen place was in Shibuya, it was decided that we go the there.  We had a photo of the ramen place and showing it to the locals for instructions was easy.  It was just somewhere near the huge Zara store, in the basement.

So we went down, and there was a line.  We ordered ramen in this vending machine for JPY790 (around P300). You have an option to add eggs, beef, nori, etc.  You will get these small stubs after you order, and then you wait for your turn.  Then you have to fill up this paper for how firm you want your noodles, how many garnish and how hot! This is just a small place so the lady was looking at the board showing how many seats were taken or vacant.  When the light turns green, its your turn to go inside.  There was just maybe 8 seats.  You hang your coat at the hanger behind you and get ready for your order to be served.  
After a few minutes, the ramen was served.  And it was the best ramen ever! Well it was my first ramen, and in Japan too! Talk about authentic experience! Anyway, you can still order half noodles or more eggs or more pork by just pressing a button.  But one was enough for me! I was in ramen heaven! 
When we got back to the office yesterday, our boss asked us if we tried the ramen at Ichiran,  We didn't know that it was that famous, hahahaha.  So it was indeed such a great experience for me. And I am now looking at seat sale for a return trip to Japan!

So I was in Japan...

Jan 26, 2015

This was my first photo in Japan. Obviously a tourist, I had to snap a photo where it would say I was there, hahaha.  But I was there on business so of the four days I was there, I had only maybe 6 hours on my own as a tourist. I was able to see Shibuya, eat Ramen, see the Tokyo Tower, eat other authentic Japanese dishes and experience the hospitality of the people. It was a short but memorable trip.  And I will be back! Good thing my visa is good for a year!

I will blog about more of this trip if I get a chance as I am swamped with work and school requirements while I am blogging this! 


Jan 15, 2015

Last weekend of December, my family and I was fortunate enough to stay overnight at Oakwood Premier in Ortigas.  We stayed at a One Bedroom Deluxe, which comes with buffet breakfast for two. I got the voucher from an officemate at a super discounted price so it was already worth it, even with just the buffet.

The room had a full kitchen, a dining table, a living room, a bedroom and the bathroom comes with a tub.  There was a dishwasher, a washing machine, an iron and ironing board and a lot of other stuff. It is a service apartment after all.  The verdict? My kids loved it! We swam at the pool which has music underwater and we visited the gym. I said we visited the gym, I didn't say we worked out at the gym.  We also got free parking, and free wifi access for all our devices (usually limited to 4)!

I had the buffet breakfast with my son, who couldn't complain with the number of dishes on display. I was happy with my bacon and coffee!

When it was time to leave, we got a call from the counter asking if we needed assistance with our bags. And then it was time to go.  My kids really loved it and they want to stay longer.

For this stay, I will give the hotel a 4/5 rating. And I will definitely stay here again!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 14, 2015

Happiness is:
1. The Papal visit.
2. The 1.25 in Research 2.
3. Going back to the gym.
4. The trip to Japan next week.
5. The long weekend.
6. The super hectic week last week, and surviving it somehow.
7. Zumbs
8. Friends who keep me sane
9. My eldest son for being responsible.
10. That SG-KL trip next month.

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15 Things in 2015

Jan 12, 2015

2014 was a great year, but 2015 will be even better. There were a few bumps relationship-wise, but everything else was just great.  But hey, as they say, you can't taste the sweet without the bitter, or something like that.  So for 2015, here are just some random things that I want to accomplish, let go or change.  Not really resolutions, but more of realizations:
1. It is okay to think of just myself sometimes.  That is not selfishness, but self-preservation.
2. I deserve better. 
3. I can be alone, and not lonely.
4. When given a challenge, be it a thesis deadline or work deadline, I sometimes surprise myself by rising up to the occasion. If only I can stop procrastinating, that would be great.
5. I will choose my battles.
6. I do not need to impress anyone. I do things for me, not for the approval of others.
7. I will not take the comprehensive exam this February. Hahaha. I said it.
8. I will go to Japan next week for work! How cool is that, hahaha (teka, resolution to di ba?)
9. I will always strive to be kind, rather than right.
10. My friends love me for me, not what I can do for them. Hooray for good friends!
11. I love the challenges of my work, and of motherhood.
12. The greatest joy is knowing that your kids are proud of you!
13. I should really learn how to drive manual. Hay.
14. I must update this blog more often!
15. Must climb a mountain soon!

So, those are my 15 things in 2015. I have no time to write really because I am swamped with work but I just want my readers (readers daw o!) to know that this blog is still alive!

She is Now A Lady!

Dec 20, 2014

Time indeed goes by when you are having fun! My daughter, my youngest child is now 10, and is almost a lady. I teared up a little when I saw her looking like one here, dressed for her Christmas Party! Can you imagine how I would feel on her prom, or her debut or worse, on her wedding?
Indeed, our kids grow up in front of our very eyes and yet we will always see them as our baby, because for us, they will be forever be.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Dec 17, 2014

Happiness is:
1. We now have a  van! Unfortunately, we don't have anymore money to go to Baguio, hehehe!
2. I am now officially a stockholder of Robinsons Retail! I am now trading online! A milestone indeed!
3. Survived Thursday and Tuesday with only 500-calorie intake. Wag ko lang maibili ng Gongcha mga kapustahan ko, hahahah.
4. Weekend in Taytay with my sisters and the kids.  Early Christmas thingie since they are going home soon.
5. Coffee. I missed this yesterday
6. Bulalo soup. At inamoy ko na lang ung ibang ulam sa dinner with the family last night.
7. New hearing aide for my mom.
8. Gift, gifts and more gifts!
9. My son Drexelle for being responsible in taking care of his siblings.
10. Looking forward our December 27 staycation!

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Crazy Hats with Crazy People!

Dec 12, 2014

We had one of our office Christmas parties and the theme was Crazy Hats. And these are the bunch of crazy people I work with! The party was fun: great food, great games and great food (did I say that already, hahaha!) It was exactly my kind of party, with my kind of people! 

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Dec 10, 2014

Happiness is:
1. I am going to Japan! I hope, hahaha. Visa application to be submitted this week. Keeping fingers crossed.
2. Booked an overnight stay at Oakwood for the family. Staycation after Christmas!
3. Coffee.
4. Tiannge shopping in Taytay.
5. New shoes for the hubby!
6. Work is toxic, yet very challenging.
7. No more classes for the remainder of the year (but the requirements are piling up!)
8. If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman. Super loved it!
9. We might be getting a lite ace van this week. Hope its a good one. That's the trouble with second hand vehicle, a tight budget and a big family.
10. Christmas is just around the corner! I can see it from here! Hahahaha

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