Papa John's Pizza

Mar 11, 2016

I am not really a huge fan of pizza (more of a burger fan), but when I was given gift certificate from Papa John's last Christmas, we went ahead and tried it.  The kids loved it, especially the chicken poppers.

Not sure if I will buy it again though.  I still prefer Yellowcab. Or Shakeys (for the mojos, actually).

Thursday Happiness

Feb 24, 2016

I am grateful for:
1. John Grisham
2. The Walking Dead
3. Survey for Thesis coming along fine
4. Little Store lumpia
5. My first born for bringing me to the office on our motorcycle. It was fun and scary to experience his driving for the first time.
6. Singapore next week! (For work though, hahaha!)
7. Its a holiday tomorrow and I am thinking of going up the mountains. Not very sure if my husband will allow me though.
8. Cleaning my office cube! And finding many shoes, hahaha.
9. Able to sustain no-meat and no-rice, so far.
10. Blogging for keeping me sane, or otherwise occupied.  I should be writing my thesis! Hahaha

My First Trip Abroad

Feb 19, 2016

It was already 4 years ago today, but I can still remember my first trip abroad as if it was just yesterday.  I was with a group of 5 girls (office mates) who were all younger, yet more traveled than me. So, while I was the oldest, I was the most excited, and the most scared, hahaha.  Anyway, it was very memorable because it was my first trip, and it was to cross-off one item from my bucket list- to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
Sunrise in Angkor Wat

Since then, I have been to Cambodia (2x), Vietnam (2x), Singapore (2x), Malaysia and Japan, and I have only begun! So may advise to you is to save, travel, enjoy and repeat! I have never regretted my decision to travel abroad, and my only wish is I could do it more often.  But anyway, the few times that I do is really, really fun!

So again: save, travel, enjoy, repeat.

Thursday Happiness

Feb 18, 2016

I am grateful for:
1. Title Defense finally done and I think, I just might graduate this May!
2. Exercised everyday since Saturday. Yey!
3. New running shoes, thanks Aryssa!
4. Chinese Lumpia from Little Store
5. National Museum last Sunday with Le Familia
6. Free Uber ride with the hubby
7. Survey questionnaire just got approved.
8. Lam Tin Tea House. Love, love their food!
9. Kamote, For diet.
10. No rice and no meat for lent. So far, so good.

Thesis, Thesis

Feb 17, 2016

So, I think that I will finally be able to graduate this year. This is thanks to my classmates, officemates and friends who keep on urging me and encouraging me to go on. So I have to face my greatest fear, of doing my thesis.

So posting in this blog might be a bit sporadic. But I will try my best to still update from time to time.

Thursday Happiness

Jan 29, 2016

I am grateful for:
1. Van is coming out today, fingers-crossed!
2. Caryl and Roy's wedding last Sunday
3. The wedding reception: the food, the wine and the company!
4. Done with first consultation for the thesis and its looking good!
5. My new haircut
6. The Biggest Loser contest in the office
7. Running and doing NTC exercises every lunch for 3-days straight!
8. Runtastic and Fitness app
9. Pandesal
10. The climb this Sunday, wooohooooo!

Pinoy Street Food: Betamax

Jan 27, 2016

Do you what a betamax is? Those are the forerunners of CDs and DVDs used as video storage and they are now largely obsolete.  They are rectangular black thingie with magnetic tapes inside.  And the street food above are called Betamax because of the rectangular shape and black color.  Betamax is made up of coagulated chicken or pork blood grilled in coal.  And dipped in spicy vinegar.  And yes, they are yummy, and yet, not for all, hahaha.  Are you feeling a little adventurous today? Then try one of these from your favorite street vendor!

Thursday Happiness

Jan 21, 2016

I am grateful for:
1. Meeting our thesis adviser and having a very rough draft of my final thesis.
2. The car is almost here!
3. Studying how Uber works and praying that we can make it.
4. Nicholas Sparks' The Choice
5. Ramen at Ukokkei
6. Zumba!
7. A bag full of books. I love the smell of real books!
8. My gown for Sunday's wedding
9. Friends who come with you to choose gowns or lend you shoes!
10. Booking a hotel for our May Boracay trip.

Ukokkei Ramen Ron

My first authentic Ramen experience was in Ichiran in Japan and I know that nothing will top that. So when my officemates asked if I wanted to eat Ramen after a training and I told them about it, they were so pressured that I might not like it.  But, their fears were for naught.  The ramen was delicious! We almost didnt make it because they close at 230 to open again later for dinner.  We were at their doorstep at 2:28, but we missed the lunch platter.  We ended up ordering the Miso above, and while I didn't get the full Ramen experience, it was still above my expectations. I give Ukokkei Ramen Ron and 4/5 star.

Thursday Happiness

Jan 14, 2016

 Thursday Happiness
I am living with gratitude this year, and will start to list down things I am gratefull for.  I used to do this last year with my Wednesday Happy Thoughts but I have decided to make my own banner this year. So, here goes:

I am grateful for:
1. Call from  a bank saying my car loan has been approved. But, there are still documents to be submitted and such, so I will hold off on the jumping up-down for the moment.
2. Resuming my lunch time exercises, and Zumba 2x a week.  Muscles still sore as I type this.
3. Our house is yellow. So bright and cool, hahaha.
4. The Red Queen book series. Finished reading two books, now can't wait for 2017!
5. Two birthday celebrations at the office, meaning free lunches! Yummy dishes! #goodbyediet
6. Didn't need to do the laundry mid-week, thanks to my hubby!
7. Almost done checking Budgets at work!
8. Planning a birthday climb! I need a mountain, soon!
9. New office uniforms! 
10. Christmas party at my sister's this weekend! Looking forward to this!

These are just some of the things I am grateful for this week.


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