Royal Terraces: Terrace of the Elephants

Aug 28, 2014

The Terrace of the Elephants has the best view of the whole palace grounds and was where the King would view his army.  It is where parades and games are held. And I can imagine the grandeur of the celebration, just by standing there!
The pictures above were taken in February 2014, while the ones below were taken in February 2013.

Royal Terraces: Terrace of the Leper King

Aug 27, 2014

The Terrace of the Leper King, which is still inside the Royal Palace is a 25-meter long terrace where the statue is called the Leper King because he was said to have leprosy.
"The 25m (80' long) terrace is shaped like a redented "U". Its north, east, and south walls face outward, and are deeply carved with seated gods and goddesses. Within, and separated by a narrow trench, there is another set of walls, also carved. The inner walls were built first, but then started to collapse, at which point the outer walls were added.," according to this source
The carvings on the walls are just so grand! There are areas where they looked new and restored, and portions where they look old and mossy. 
The corridor was added so that visitors can view the relief on the first wall.  When it collapses, a second wall was built.  This was also believed to be a burial site.

The Pyramidal Phimeanakas

Aug 26, 2014

A three-tier pyramid inside the Royal Palace enclosure, Phimeanakas was a temple to behold.  Legend says the tower was once covered in gold. Can you imagine it? 
Phimeanakas means Celestial Palace and it was said that the King had to visit a celestial being at the tower every night or a disaster will befall his kingdom.

There were many stone blocks round the temple, which I think are still part of the reconstruction in the grounds.

Baphuon, Baffling Baphuon!

Aug 23, 2014

You know, there are really no words to describe the beauty and grandeur of these temples and Baphuon is no exception.  You just stand there, and you marvel at the ingenuity of the human mind (and the power of the king, of course) to create these things!

The temple is still under construction, as is most the temples in the heritage site.  I think this was the temple that was torn apart, the stones marked, and then it was supposed to be reconstructed to save the temple.  But a war stopped this effort, and the puzzle that was Baphuon was only completed, or parts of it, in 2011.  Going up to the top is a challenge, but there are stairs to make this manageable. 
The temple, and the view from the top was really something! Can you picture how everything looked when it was newly built? I just can't! 
The clocks that litter the temple are those which still needs to be pieced together as the records were destroyed in the war. So piecing together the puzzle that is Baphuon continues to this day.   
Next stop: Phimeanakas

East Gate, Angkor Thom

Aug 22, 2014

We are now ready to enter the Angkor Thom, which literally means, Great City.  There are several gates going inside, and this is the East Gate.  Below are the super couple.
And below is the super blogger. 
And further below are the Superfriends.  

Chau Say Tevoda

Aug 21, 2014

After Ta Prohm, we proceeded to walk to another temple ruin called Chau Say Tevoda.  I was actually confused if it was Thomanon (which I found from reading on the internet is on the opposite side) but I saw that I took a picture of the signage for the restoration.
There is a serene quality to these ruins.  It was a relief to be inside them and imagine how people lived during this time!
Beautiful, isn't it?

I just realized this today!

Aug 20, 2014

It's as if they are not really interested in what you are saying.  They are actually just waiting for their turn to speak! And its sad.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Happiness is:
1. Exam day today. It was QC holiday so my kids had more time to review.
2. Danniel's application for Phil Science HS has been filed. Test is on October 4. Crossing my fingers!
3. Not making the 500-calorie a day diet, but somehow making it below the 1,200-calorie mark.
4. Paksiw na pata. And that is the reason for #4, hehehe.
5. My Samsung tablet for the movie downloads.
6. Rebond deal at Metrodeal.  And the salon is just across my office!
7. My topic for my Strama class requirement was approved.  If only I can already finish it, hahaha.
8. Watching To Kill a Mockingbird and Psycho.  Too bad they don't make movies like them anymore!
9. Yvan Navy burger, as introduced by my son Drex.  Super spicy, but yummy.  We have a new favorite!
10.  Hugs, light kisses and snuggling. It's nice to be loved!

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The Untamed Beauty of Ta Prohm

Our first for the day was a visit to Ta Phrom, one of the temples where Banyan trees were left to grow.  You can find all the archaeological information on  Ta Prohm so many websites so just let me tell you how it felt to be there. During my first visit in 2012, the Angkor Wat being on my bucket list, I was so mesmerized. I was awed. I was speechless. It was beautiful!  There were huge Banyan trees whose giant roots were taking over the temples! Of course, restoration was ongoing but I can easily ignore the cranes, hahaha!
It was as beautiful during my second visit.  They made more headway in the restoration and reconstruction.  But there is still something to be said about beauty of ruins.  And of course, at the back of my mind, how many slaves were used to build these temples? Anyway, it was a different time and things were surely different back then. 
Oh, and this was where the Angelina Jolie-movie Tomb raider was shot. 

Day 2: Angkor World Heritage Tour

Aug 19, 2014

After a hearty breakfast at our hotel, we left for the Angkor Wat Heritage Site on 2 tuktuks we rented for the whole day for $15 each.  We had our pictures taken and got our our one-day pass at $20 each.  The pass must be kept with you at all times as this will be checked upon your entry at each site.  I will dedicate one post each to the places at the Angkor World Heritage site that we visited:

Ta Phrom
Chau Say Tevoda
Phimeanakas Temple
Leper King Terrace
Elephant Terrace
Tep Pranam Pagoda
Angkor Wat
Bayon Temple
Pub Street and Night Market
Food and souvenirs


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