Gardening is Love!

Apr 25, 2015

My earliest memories when I was growing up was of my mom watering plants in front of our small rented house in Pasig.  There is something about green leaves and water that soothes me and makes me think of home.  That is why I always have to have plants around me! So despite the small space, and the hot season, when the mood strikes, I work to update my garden!
This mounted garden is still a work in progress.  What I really want is something Pinterest-worthy, and using recycled coke plastic bottles.  But I am still thinking if I would plant decorative plants, or vegetables.  In the meantime, this will do! 
I re-potted these plants, and the chilies that I got from Batangas.  I just hope that despite the heat of this summer, they will grow nicely so that my small garden will look nice very soon! 

Travel While You Can!

Apr 24, 2015

You are the sum of your experiences, travel while you can! 

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Apr 23, 2015

Happiness is:
1. Danniel is finally and officially accepted at PUP Lab High School!
2. Treadmill at the gym finally working.
3. The forecasting and budgeting training.
4. The buffet lunch
5. Calamansi muffin from Boracay
6. My new blog, Pisotraveller is now up, and monetized!
7. My new Northface bag from Vietnam
8. My photobooks of our family travels is almost complete! Just one more to go!
9. Tiger balm. And Ishi's head massage.
10. Pinterest. Hahaha, I can spend a whole day just browsing and pinning!

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Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Apr 15, 2015

Happiness is:
1. Danniel is now officially accepted at PUP high school! Hooray!
2. Bought a domain name for Piso Traveller! Slowly but surely doing this right.
3. Working out at the office gym again.
4. Zumba
5. Ebooks and e-readers. Still missing my Kindle though.
6. Inay and her homecooking.
7. My new plants, and I hope they survive!
8. The smell of Sampaguita.
9. Piaya, yema and pastillas. Yummy!
10. My failed water detox.  That grapefruit was too bitter!

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Guinataang Kuhol

Apr 13, 2015

I love guinataang kuhol, but unfortunately, I did not know how to cook this dish.  When I was a kid, I used to eat this because my lola loved cooking the dish.  But I was not allowed near the kitchen then so I didn't know how it was prepared.
When I went to the market last Saturday, my suking fish vendor was selling a fresh batch and I had a thousand questions for him on how it was prepared.  He showed me how to crack the shell (crack the tip with a flat knife).  Another customer took pity on me and told me how it was prepared.  It was surprisingly very easy, no different from cooking tahong! The only difference is you have to crack the kuhol and soak it for several hours to expel mud/soil. Change the water several times.

So the ingredients: 
1 kilo kuhol, ginger, garlic, onions, chilies kangkong leaves, coconut milk and coconut cream.
How to cook:
1. Sautee garlic, onion and ginger
2. Add the kuhol.  The kuhol will expel water.
3. Add coconut milk and let simmer.
4. Add coconut cream and simmer some more
5. Add chilies and salt and pepper to taste.
6. Add the kangkong leaves, let simmer for 1 minutes and voila, it's done! (You know its done when the coconut cream is rendering oil). 

how to cook
You are now ready to enjoy your guinataang kuhol!

Is it Mumps?

Apr 10, 2015

I am still awake at 1am and thought to blog about why. My youngest is feverish and she has swollen glands under her ears.  I suspect mumps. While I haven't brought her to the doctor yet since I have read its viral and you really can't treat it (your own immunity must fight it), I am treating her symptoms to relive her of the pain. I gave her paracetamol and hot and cold compress for the swelling. She ate both lunch and dinner, thankfully, and drinks plenty  of water. But as can be expected, she is cranky.

Anyway, I hope she gets better soon so I won't need to bring her to the doctor.  I hope its not mumps but I am still taking precautions, especially for her siblings because it is contagious.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Mar 26, 2015

Happiness is:
1. Ishi's recognition as Top 3 of the Grade 4 class.
2. Danniel's elementary graduation as 1st honorable mention, Best in Math and COLC awardee.
3. Danniel's psychological exam and interview at PUPLHSEE.
4. Graduation dinner for Danniel and Ishi.
5. Drexelle's 17th birthday.
6. New shoes for the bday boy!
7. Not buying new tickets during the Air Asia seat sale. Yes, no additional expenses for me! Hahaha
8. Surviving the no-meat, no-rice lenten fasting, barely. Hahaha.
9. Done with my academic requirements for my MBA! Thesis to go!!!
10. Vacation time for the kids. More time to sleep in!

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Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Mar 18, 2015

Happiness is:
1. My new travel blog, Piso Traveller is born.
2. The hike at Mt. Pamitinan.
3. Finally getting to see the Wawa Dam.
4. Danniel passed the PUP LHS entrance exam.
5. He will graduate in elementary as Top 3 or First Honorable Mention.
6. Ishi is Top 3 in Grade 4 as well.
7. The December trip to Cebu, all tickets booked!
8. Now book binding the thesis for submission on Saturday.
9. Almost done with 3 papers for HRM.
10. Lumpia at Little Store.
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Piso Traveller is Born

Mar 10, 2015

I just want to announce the birth of my new blog: Piso Traveller.  This where I will chronicle my travels, both planned and departed. I will share how I am able to travel despite my budget or in spite of it. Maybe you can learn from me and start travelling on your own.

I am on my way.

I Won at Kawaling Pinoy!

Mar 2, 2015

Thank you so much to Lalaine of Kawaling Pinoy for hosting the Griddler giveaway where I am one of the lucky winners! I really love her blog, especially now that I am abstaining from meat and I am looking for more vegetable recipes! The site is cool and very-user friendly. And she is having a new give-away too!

I wish I have the energy and to do something more about this blog so I can earn more. Will put that in my next to do list!


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