A Sunday by the Bay

Feb 23, 2009

We went to Luneta Park last Sunday for some fun and sun and of course had to stop by the Manila Bay to smell some sea water. They say its good for the kids, and seeing that all three had cough, colds and fever, we thought the air would do them some good. I thought wrong. I was so disappointed at the sight I saw!There were people swimming at the dirty, brackish Manila Bay water! And garbage was strewn all over the place. This area is near the Manila Ocean Park where a construction is still on going. I even saw babies being bathed in the dirty water and I was shaking my head in disappointment at the parents who should know better.

Oh well. I really don't know what to say anymore.

7 comments: to “ A Sunday by the Bay

  • Jena Isle
    February 23, 2009  

    Bakit kaya? All waste products flow there, even chemical waste products.Sana lang walang carcinogenic. They at least clean that areas..kadiri...anyway, dropping by. Have a beautiful Sunday.

  • Dinah
    February 23, 2009  

    Ang dumi Jena, nakaka-disappoint talaga! You would think that the city govt of Manila would do something to beautify or at least clean the place, seeing that its a favorite place for families. At the park itself, there are no trash bins, so nagkalat talaga ang basura. there are only a few who bring their trash with them after eating.

  • CarloBlogg
    February 23, 2009  

    nakaw, madumi madumi madumiiiii!! speechless ako dun sa 3rd pic. hayz... what's wrong with Manila?? nakakafrustrate tlga. I admit that, before, I thought of Manila as something "big time", pero seeing this piles of trash, I think this is something not to be proud of. sad. :(

    Nice post ate dinah ^__^V

  • jonvex
    February 25, 2009  

    Hi! Just visiting! Alam naman nating lahat ang dumu-dumi ng manila bay bakit ka pa doon lumanghap ng fresh air. Imbes na gumaling yung ubo, lalo lang sila uubuhin.


  • zorlone
    February 26, 2009  

    last time i saw that part of manila bay was last year. pero that time, medyo malayo ako kasi nakasakay ako sa super ferry. ang dami ngang basura, if you were looking for fresh air, it wasn't in that part of manila bay. actually, i can't suggest where. MOA? LOL.
    the first and third shots are quite good!

  • zorlone
    February 26, 2009  

    btw, what happened to your kids?

  • Dinah
    February 26, 2009  

    Jonvex & Zorlone, last time we visited Manila Bay was when Atienza was still mayor and I was (foolishly) hoping that they have cleaned up that area by this time. I was wrong! And yep, lalo nga lang silang uubuhin, he he.

    Can you see the smog? Grabe ano!

    The kids had fever brought about by the cough and colds but they are lots better now, thanks! It has to do with the weather, I think, since all the patients when we went to the pedia had the same complaint.

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