More "Me Time" for Mommy!

Oct 24, 2009


As a working mother, almost all of my time is devoted to my family and career, leaving only a small portion for "me-time." When I am lucky, I can have some time alone when the kids are all sound asleep. That's the time I am free to do what I want and watch the movies and TV shows that I like. But it is so frustrating that as soon as I have the remote control, the shows that I love are either over or are not yet showing. It is irritating to finally have the time, but not the freedom to choose what I to watch. That is why I appreciate Charter on Demand. Because I have access for free, there is no more waiting and scheduling my time around movies and TV shows. And I don't have to beg for the remote when the show I want is on. Another great thing is we don't have to experience all the hassles of watching a movie in mall because they have such great selections. It is indeed great that On Demand is free to access and I can customize my page to show only the shows I love. And one of the coolest thing is that they also have the newest HD shows! So if you want to be updated as well and not miss this gem, get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page. You can also learn more at so you can finally decide to get your own!

Now that you can have a more enjoyable "me time", you can also think of it as one great way to bond with the family. Try to schedule a movie-marathon and know that everybody will surely love it!

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