Are we Poor?

Apr 28, 2010

Late last year, my son went home one day from school with a survey form and he wants me to help him fill it out. One question was whether we are poor, middle class or rich and my son asked me what to choose. I asked him what he thinks and he said middle class. He said we are not poor, but we are not rich either. I agree with Howie Severino that poorness(?) or richness is a matter of perception. My son thinks we are middle class, while I think we are poor. We have bills to pay, we send the kids to a private school, we have Internet access, we are paying for rent and a mortgage but we have no car anymore. While my son do not get everything he asks for, he has a bike (which was stolen just a month ago!), a PSP (a gift from his Ninang Elaine), a computer, Mommy's laptop and music player and a lot more so he thinks we are rich. He has more than other kids of his age has. And its because we work hard for it and I still think we are poor.

So I am just saying that I am tired of all this issue on whether Manny Villar was poor or rich. On his mind, he was poor and his mother says it too. So I agree that they are poor. Maybe their neighbors they were rich because they can see that they have more but that doesn't make it true. It is a matter of perception. As for his brother dying, I can relate to the helplessness that he felt because I had a brother who died too when I was young. I felt so helpless and angry that time. Maybe they could afford to pay for a private hospital and maybe they didn't. The fact remains that he died and the family felt helpless and poor because of it.

Having said all of that and accepting that Manny Villar was poor and all, I am still not voting for him. He may have come from a poor and hardworking family but Villar himself does not inspire me. His mother does. He has been surrounded with a lot of allegations that he enriched himself and his businesses using his positions and I have not been convinced, despite all the ads that my interest will be his priority if he gets elected. I am just tired of this who is poor and who is not issue when it should not be the issue at all!

Okay, that was a rant!

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