I Won!

Aug 17, 2010

I was so excited this afternoon when I received a text that I won an all star challenge from Western Union. I have no idea what an all star challenge was but I still felt like I won the No Med Exam Life Insurance. I would have really rejoiced had I won one of those! I joined the Western Union promo so I know that the text was legitimate. The grand prize is a trip for two to the US, all-expense paid and the all star is one of the grand prizes. I was hoping that it was something that I want and need, since some of the other prizes are Ipod Shuffle and Kindle. So I called the Western Union hot line to inquire what the item was only to be severely disappointed! I won one of the grand prizes, and it was a CD! Okay, it is the American Idol Star Challenge but I can get that from somewhere else right? I know I should still be grateful that I won something but I still have to get it from their office in Libis. I don't think the CD is worth that effort. I googled it and it is worth $4.00 at Amazon. So I won, but I don't want it. Any takers?

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