Need Help with Laptop Repairs?

Aug 24, 2010

I remember during last year's typhoon and I left my laptop's power cord in the flooded waters of our house and I felt so helpless! I wanted to post our status on Facebook to tell our relatives and friends that we were fine but I was running on low power! I wanted to see how our other friends in other areas so I wanted to see updates on Twitter but I cant! Too bad I didn't know then when I might find a good shop for netbook repairs. I was too sad to find out that the defect from the flood was not covered by the warranty and during that time, I have no time to prioritize laptop repairs. I was afraid to open my laptop as I fear damage to it by the rain and worrying about my brand new gadget and the devastation of the house was just too much. If I have known that there was a shop like San Diego PC help where you can get efficient, fast and reliable service then I wouldn't have to worry about it and add to the stress I was feeling at that time. Just check them out if you have a need for laptop repairs! In the meantime, I have to read up on some interesting things on loan modification for my work.

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