New Tenants, New Neighbors

Aug 11, 2010

My mother in law's tenants from hell moved away last month and we are all happy to see them go. I guess they did not inform their creditors of a change of address because collectors are swarming in since for the last two weeks. I hope their deposit can still cover the bills that they left. Anyway, after some major repairs to the apartment, my mother in law is now looking for new tenants and that means new neighbors for us. She prefers students or a family of four with adult children, just like her other tenant. They are very good neighbors because they are friendly and gets along well with other residents in the compound. They do not bring in unruly and drunken guests, unlike the other tenants. They do not make the barangay tanods come to our compound with complaints from other people. They do not bang at the gate at an unholy hour because they just came from a drinking binge. They do not have guests who stole other people's bicycle. Can you feel that we are relieved to see the other tenant go? We just hope that my mother in law can find new tenants that we can be proud to call our new neighbors.

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  • Ed Legaspi
    August 12, 2010  

    I can most certainly relate to that. Before we sold our house that we live in for over 20 years and moved to a new location, we had a next door neighbor who I might also call a "neighbor from hell!"

    For the very long time that we lived next to each other separated only by a now rotting wooden fence, all that our neighbor ever did was complain to us about the noise that our dog was making by its barking.

    What they didn't realize was that we also had to suffer the noise that their teenage son was causing by holding parties with friends at their house whenever the parents were not at home. Those parties lasted until the wee hours of the morning with their noise and the music going full blast.

    It was quite a relief for us too when we left the place for good!

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