Holiday Cards

Sep 20, 2010

I remember saying on this blog that I love receiving handwritten notes and messages more than I do getting a text or an email. I am perfectly thrilled whenever my kids would give me a mother's day card. I still have them on display at my desk at the office and it really gives me a happy feeling whenever I see them. I feel the same way about holiday cards. Of course, I also love receiving gifts but the ones who take time to enclose a small personalized greeting always gets my love. I also try to do this as much as possible, not just for friends who are abroad. Even for my friends here, I always write a small note and hope that they appreciate it as much as I enjoy writing the note. There is also a big difference between receiving a holiday email greeting and a handwritten card. A card is more tangible and more heartfelt for me than an electronic mail. Of course, some would say that it is best to appreciate that you were remembered, be it by email or by cards and of course that is true. But I still say that I would always love being the recipient of a handwritten card more than anything!

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