Kid's Games

Sep 16, 2010

I envy kids and their imagination. They can invent any kids games with very minimal effort and play tirelessly. In the picture below, my kids and their cousins used scrap wood and rubber bands, and voila, they were ready to play cops and robbers! This game took the better part of the game and they were tireless. The adults watching them were both amused and envious at their energy and enthusiasm. I was like that when I was a kid of course. I could spend all day playing and complain endlessly when my mother would tell me to clean up or take a nap. Those were the joyous days of my childhood and they seem so far away already. Good thing the kids are there to remind me to take time to have some fun!

In this picture below, my nephew Ehxcel made them a game of Piko where they jump from one side to the other. I used to play this when I was kid and I can remember correctly, I was the reigning champion on my street. I beat all the kids my age at this game. But now at this age, I can barely jump from one side to the other without having the kids laugh at my face at the effort!

How I wish we adults can find it this easy to have fun!

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