Mommy Pampering Time

Sep 14, 2010

I am not a girly-girly type of person. My husband said I was a tomboy when he first met me, and took that as a challenge to turn me into a lady. I let him believe that he succeeded and made me a real woman, ha ha. But truth is, I am an independent woman, capable of doing things and I usually find myself with a lot of things to do. So there is little time for me to go to a spa or a salon to get a haircut, a manicure or a pedicure. But this weekend was different! I had some mommy pampering time! Well, we went to our house and did a little work on the cement. We primed it for painting next weekend. Then after cleaning the house, we went home because we were attending a party i the evening. When we got home and I had a long, luxurious bath complete with this unique bath and body scents, I saw the sorry state of my nails. There were still caked mud under the nails and the paint, well the paint in my walls looked better! Since I had no more time to go to a salon for a mani, pedi and foot spa, I had to call our neighbor for a home service. And now my nails look lovely! Now I know that I have to do this pampering weekly! I feel so girly!

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