The Sofas From Ondoy

Sep 21, 2010

These sofas are the only things left from our house last year when it was ravaged by typhoon Ondoy. Here they are, pictured below last year. I bought them almost brand new from my boss who moved out of her condo. I refused to throw them away, even after we have disposed of the TV, the DVD player, the speakers, the electric fan, clothes and everything else. Well, they are so big and we cant just leave them on the sidewalk anyway so I thought we might as well just keep them in the house, wash them and let them dry. And that was what we did! They look okay now, save for the dust.

Of course, the sofas are still dusty and a smoke of dusts comes out whenever we sit on it. I am thinking of hosing it down with water again or vacuuming it to take out the dust from the dried mud inside the sofa. I know its not very sanitary but we only stay at the house to visit and do stuff on weekends so I guess its okay. Call me sentimental, but I want the sofas to be a reminder of how we survived the flood and how we are slowly trying to rebuild our house.

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