Should I get a DSL or a broadband connection?

Jan 9, 2011

It was a lazy Sunday for us today. We woke up early to go to mass at 9am then just spent the whole day checking on our Facebook accounts one after the other. The kids were playing with their PSPs and my sister was tinkering with my APAD. We take turns because our Internet connection was with a Smart prepaid account only. Good thing that they offer unlimited surfing for only P50! Now, my sister has been heavily hinting that we should already get a DSL connection. I used to have a Sun broadband postpaid account but I discontinued it after six months because of slow connectivity. I was thinking of getting a PLDT bundled pack that comes with a land line as well. The kids of course need the Internet for their school projects and I need it for my online jobs. The only reason why I didn't get a new one when I had my Sun line cut was because I need to fix my finances. But since things are starting to look up with my online jobs, I may be able to get a subscription earlier than I initially plan. Now, should I get a DSL line or a broadband connection? I still need to check the advantages and disadvantages of both based on our needs. Now, I just need to save those company checks that I have getting and not use them as much for online shopping so I can save for installation fees. And of course, I still need to set some ground rules on when the kids can and cannot use the Internet. So if you have any suggestions on which is better, please do share!

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