A House Blessing

Mar 28, 2011

I would like to congratulate my dear friends Rona and Rodney on the wonderful blessing that their home received last Sunday. We were there among their family and friends when they welcomed Christ into their homes. As the priest said, the blessing is not for the house, but for those who dwell in the house. These two wonderful people and their kids have opened their homes to us so many times and we are happy to be part of tis wonderful occasion in their life! Their home is located in a very accessible place near their work and the kids school and the amenities of the subdivision are very good. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood floor a car park and a provision for extension at the second floor. I know this is Rona and Rodney's dream house and I am happy that their home is now blessed!
Justify FullThe wonderful lunch that was prepared by the family for the guests. It was a combination of Ilocano and Tagalog dishes that we thoroughly enjoyed.
The family and friends of the couple who, like us where there to be part of the house blessing.
I wish that I can also have my Montalban house blessed already, and for my husband to decide that we will move already. It really is incomparable to have a home of your own. To Rona and Rodney, congratulations again!

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