My Blog is Famous!

Mar 6, 2011

Well, I wish and I guess everybody who owns a blog does too! I have been blogging for some years now and I have yet to earn my first Google Ads check. And I have four blogs! And I just recently added a new one. So I guess if I want to make this blog famous, some measures must be undertaken. I am looking at ppc management that can increase the visits on this blog. I am also joining blog contests and I also welcome requests to sponsor some. I may hold a blog anniversary contest too because I know that bloggers love that especially when the dollar cash prize is big. I must say that i dont know anything about key words and how to get on top of google search so I will just this the old fashioned way: loving my blog and looking for interesting new blogs too! Genuinely loving a blog and writing interesting topics can give yoiu increased followers. Taking the time to write comments makes blogger visit you too because it is a way to thank you for your appreciation. I know that my blog will be famous one day and I hope that is sooner than I think!

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