I Really Want A Family Car!

Apr 8, 2011

We are going to attend a wedding in Batangas this weekend and we cant find a decent and affordable vehicle to rent! Either the rent is too expensive or it is not available. I realized that we really need a family car now since we are 7, and if including my sister and her kids, we total 11! Now, my husband and I are doing computations if e can afford to buy a second-hand lite ace! I am glad that my company is offering a loan now for 0.88% and we are seriously considering applying now. We plan to buy one before May or before my youngest daughter's 7th birthday! And if I can find cherished number plates, then that would be an early birthday gift for myself already! If only we have extra money for this, or had we won the lotto right now, I probably am not blogging right now. I would be in a car dealership and asking for a van in purple or black! Of course, we didnt win the lottery last night so I will just try and make computations if we can still make payments on this new loan. There are factors to consider, like the kid's tuition fee and stuff and rent and mortgage and what else so this is serious business indeed! But if we can make ends meet, be ready to see a picture of my new (second hand, he he) car in a few months!

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