Kasoy or Cashew Fruit

Apr 11, 2011


We went to Batangas this weekend and it was a very fruitful time in educating my kids about fruits and trees that they are not familiar with. Since my family loves cashew nuts and I brought home several packs when we came from Palawan, it was very timely that cashew tree in my sister's backyard was in season! Here are some mellow yellow photos of the Kasoy fruit that we took while we were also getting some to eat!
Can you remember the old bugtong, "may isang prinsesa, nakaupo sa tasa"? That's her! The princess is the cashew nut.
The fruit is very rich in vitamin c and according to my sister's mother in law is a very good cure for ulcer.
Did you notice that the fruit is covered with ants? Its a sign that the fruit is sweet! Now my kids know where cashew nuts came from and they also had a chance to eat a new fruit.

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