Underground River Tour, Part 1

Apr 6, 2011

Our second day in Puerto Princesa was dedicated to seeing the famous Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park or the Underground River. From the city, it took us 2 hours to reach the Sabang Wharf. The photo below was taken at our stop, which they call the Halfway meaning, we are halfway to our destination!The second stop is called the Buenavista View Deck. This provides a very beautfiul view of Honda Bay and the islands sorrounding it. Did you notice that the name of the city mayor is bigger than the place it was announcing? Yeah, it is a common sight in my country. Although it was a very long ride, our tour guide kept us entertained with anecdotes and stories about various places of interest during the journey.

The breathtaking view of Honda Bay! At both stops, we have time for restroom breaks and time time to shop for souvenir items.
We were finally at the Sabang Wharf at 10 am but our tour guide went to check our schedule and we were set for 1130 am. We then went to Taraw beach resort for an early buffet lunch. I will post the food on a separate entry. We were lucky to have eaten early because we had the food to ourselves and we had to wait a while longer at the river so it was good that we already had lunch. Below was the view of the beach. Had we know that we had lots of time to kill, we would have taken the time to swim. But since we were too full from a very filling lunch, we just walked it off at the beach.
Finally, we were at the boat that will take us to the Underground river! This boat only takes a maximum of 6 passengers. They take safety really seriously here.
The various stone formations on the way to the underground river.
The Karst or limestone mountains on background.
Finally, we have reached the Underground River!
Finally, after a half day of travel and waiting and eating, we have reached our destination. I will share more details of the Underground River on next posts.
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