Buffet Lunch at Underground River Tour

May 10, 2011

As promised, here are the food that we enjoyed during our Underground River Tour in Puerto Princesa, Palawan last March 2011. We were the first to eat lunch because our slot was at 1130. We were lucky to have eaten already because we still had to wait our turn to ride the paddle boats to the river and we were not grumpy during the wait. Please excuse the quality of the photos as my hands were shaking from hunger as soon as I laid eyes on the delicious meal!

Adobong KangKong for fiber!
Cucumber salad!
Grilled pork!
I forgot the name of this soup but it was like tinola with coconut.
Oh and there was also this grilled yellow fin tuna that I wasnt able to get a picture of! And then after that delicious meal, we walked it off at this very beautiful beach. We also tried to jump it off a little, but I guess we were too heavy for take off, ha ha!
It was a very wonderful day and we were extremely happy, well-fed and just thankful for being alive!

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