Wednesday Happy Thoughts

May 4, 2011

I love Wednesdays! It is two days away from the weekends which means rest is near and two days away from Monday which means work is half way done! Anyway, here are some reasons to be thankful for.
1. Ishi is turning 7 years old this Friday!
2. And we have finally made a reservation at Bosay Resort
3. I am having a birthday tarpaulin printed too!
4. We now have a van so traveling wont be as tiring as before.
5. A lugaw with tokwa and egg dinner date with husband in Antipolo overlooking Manila last night. It was the cheapest date ever yet very sweet too!
6. Loans for tuition fees approved! I wont let the payment schemes ruin my happiness on this one!
7. Ready to enroll on Friday
8. An ever-supportive family: my mom who never complains, my sister Dianne who always has an ear for my complaints and Kris, a very reliable and responsible sister.
9. I discovered that some people were blocking me and my husband and my kids from viewing their FB pictures and wall posts and while I was initially hurt because I would never think to do that to them in the first place because they are family, I figured that unfriending them is not a very mature thing to do. Ha ha, its their problem really and not mine. But wait till I upload the pictures at Ishi's birthday this Sunday where they are invited, but I will hide it from them as well. Ha ha, revenge is sweet.
10. Oh, and I finally reached my first adsense payment threshold and am just waiting for the moolah to arrive!

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2 comments: to “ Wednesday Happy Thoughts

  • Nortehanon
    May 04, 2011  

    Happy thoughts, indeed, Dinah! Wow, ang dami-daming good news naman niyan! Congratulations, things are falling into place.

    At yung date ha, yes, talagang sweet yun para sa akin. Doesn't matter kasi kung saan at kung anong handa ninyo, basta you celebrated it together, it's more than enough.

    Siyanga pala, di ba mahilig ka rin magbyahe and your mom is also from Northern Samar? You might want to check out the place I went to and be amazed hahaha. You would never have thought there is such a place in Northern Samar ;)

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    May 16, 2011  

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