Wednesday Happy Thoughts

May 25, 2011

Happiness is a an attitude and whatever life gives you, its up to you how to react! Me, I choose to be happy and I count my blessings here:
1. Sweet sons and daughter who takes care of me when I am sick. I had a terrible migraine last Monday and I was too nauseated to even take my clothes off. Drexelle made the bed, Danniel gave me medicine and Ishi rubbed my head with Giga balm. She also put on my socks and tucked me in. They all kissed me goodnight very tenderly. What more can a mother ask for!
2. Money to send Mom home to the province and am still praying for her safe journey because of the typhoon. She only goes home once every 3 years or so and even though money is hard because of school opening, I am just thankful that she was still able to go home. But we miss her already.
3. The super fun Fiesta in Batangas last Sunday. Thanks again Karen for having us!
4. A great Ensogo deal for me and my sister. I wont tell what it is, but its for beauty of course!
5. My husband, who always put his family above all!
6. Slimming coffee. I will blog about it later.
7. Patience for the bonus that I hope will come.
8. The rain and the coolness it brings.
9. The upcoming Bohol trip. Its off-site planning for our department but its still gonna be fun!
10. My son for being responsible. He can now take care oh his siblings! Yehey!

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