First Day of Classes SY 2011-2012

Jun 9, 2011

Last Monday, I took a leave from work because it was Ishi's first day in big school. I was teary-eyed after I dressed her for school because she looks so good in it and because she looks so grown up! I was caught off guard at how fast she has grown to become a little lady. Hay.

Anyway, they were surprisingly up very early and we were ready by 630am. These are my kids on the way to their first day of school. Sniff, sniff. I suddenly feel old at my 34 years!

Last year, my husband would bring Danniel and Drexelle to school on our motorcycle. Its a good thing that we have this van now because he would have to make 2 trips because of the big bags!
Hay. It was a very stress-free day for all of us. My husband and I who both took a leave just spent the whole morning reminiscing about how fast they have grown. Deep inside, we are proud of ourselves for being able to send them to a good school, despite all the sacrifices that we have to make. Parenting is all about loving and making sacrifices for our children and we both know that we will do everything that we can for these kids.

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