Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jun 22, 2011

I have been sad these past few days and I really don't know why. It must be the hormones or something else. But I realized today that feeling sad can be really tiresome so I vow to be happy today! And to make me happier, I am counting my blessings!
1. My mom is feeling better today.
2. Danniel's fever was gone without the need for a visit to the doctor!
3. My husband is feeling a lot better too and was able to go back to work already.
4. Blogs are updated regularly.
5. Finding more paid posts opportunity.
6. The kids are now used to waking up early and they are ready to leave the house thirty minutes before their flag ceremony.
7. My sister is in third year college already, yehey!
8. The exercise groove is back.
9. Nice lunch time movies showing at HBO during my workout, he he.
10. Being alive!

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