Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jun 29, 2011

Count your blessings and they will multiply a thousand fold! So, here are ten things that made me happy this week.
1. 2 books in one day. Okay, they are just romance novels but still, am getting my reading groove back.
2. Seeing how my sister Kris is studying really hard but seems to enjoy it too.
3. Our van is okay again after that brake problem last week.
4. The house was almost flooded again by typhoon Falcon last Friday. Almost, but the rain subsided and the water receded.
5. sleeping soundly despite the typhoon.
6. Visiting the dream house and seeing that it was not flooded this time.
7. Thankful that we are not yet living there so was spared the aggravation of how my kids and mom would fare during such heavy rains.
8. The suspension of classes, hehe.
9. Husband's simple birthday dinner at home with the family.
10. Everybody is safe. Thanks God!

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