What is Wrong with Metrodeal Referral?

Jun 7, 2011

I already signed with Metrodeal sometime ago and when I found this deal I want to share to my friends, I tried looking for the referral page and I cant find it! I emailed them and no reply. Then when I googled it, I found this, and when I tried to generate one for my husband this is what he received.
To try and generate your referral link, this is the link. But lo and behold, every time he clicked on the link, he was just redirected to the main page and not on the registration page! How can he therefore become my valid referral? What is wrong with Metrodeal Referral then and why do they claim that you will get a P200 for every successful referral when you cant find it on their site? Grrr, this is not good. Not good at all!

Note: Update on Metrodeal Referral.

4 comments: to “ What is Wrong with Metrodeal Referral?

  • livingoffmetrodealblogger
    June 15, 2011  

    It worked for me. Yes, you do get redirected to the main page, because their system saves the information that that person was redirected from your link to the mainpage. As soon as your referral buys something, you'd be credited. I tried it out myself and got P200 in reward credits. One time one of my referrals even ommitted to click on my link and bought directly, so I contacted Metrodeal if this still would be eligible for a reward and if they'd credit me, and they did that right away. Your blog posting is a little bit one-sided, which is a little sad, because I do enjoy your other entries.

  • Dinah
    June 15, 2011  

    @choco123456789, good for you that their system worked for you. i am still buying deals at metrodeal, but i just find it wrong that they cant be upfront about their referral program. i guess if my friends will really buy and they are my valid referrals, then i will just do it the hard way that metrodeal wants me to. i mean,why cant they make it easier to refer people? and if they are really hiding nothing, why cant they just say that the referral system is under maintenance right there on the place where they say you will get some money for referring? thats all i am asking anyway. if its one sided to you then please create your own post.

  • Anonymous
    June 16, 2011  

    hi! i empathize with you. YES THEY ARE NOT UPFRONT and i'm also bewildered as to why they are making it very hard for their patrons to see their referral link. to the person who commented that the referral link works and all, could you copy paste where exactly can you find your referral link, even in your account details it's nowhere to be found. other groupon sites also have a referral link and you can easily see it. i don't know what's up with metrodeal... parang intentional eh. if you don't google the topic re: metrodeal's referral link... paano mo pa mahahanap yun? if they want you to find it that way, then the least they could do is inform that their clients, PLEASE GOOGLE TO GET TO THE "HIDDEN TREASURE."

  • Tricky
    June 19, 2011  

    Lol, I also had a hard time finding their referral link. I even used google and input this "referral site:metrodeal.com" to find it.

    And look what happened now? I have lots of referrals and so far none was credited to my account. The status stays with "Purchased".

    They need to polish their system to solve this issue or better yet stop offering referral points.

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