Guinataang Tahong

Jul 25, 2011

This was one of the dishes that my friend Rona prepared during her birthday last July 22. I especially loved this dish and I have been trying to do cook this the way Rona's mom does but I have yet to accomplish the task! Anyway here are the ingredients and cooking procedure:
1 kilo mussels, washed and cleaned
siling labuyo
luya, sibuyas, bawang
1 cup gata
salt and pepper

Cooking procedure:
1. Saute garlic, oniom amd ginger.
2. Put the coconut milk and let boil while stirring gently.
3. Add the kangkong leaves and let boil once.
4. Add the mussels and the sili and let boil until almost oily. Add salt and pepper to taste.
5. Serve hot!

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