Our First 10K Run at Fit & Fun

Jul 17, 2011

It was our first time to run a 10K run and even without training, I am happy to say that I survived. The Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run was Robinsons Supermarket much awaited run and it is now on its 4th year. and we I really was not planning on signing up but when a slot opened at our HR at the last minute, I signed up for a dream! Our last run was in June 2009, for a 5K run.My husband was my buddy and I was just thankful that it was a buddy run because he had no choice but to wait for me.The 10K run started at 530 am. Of course, there were times when my husband had to leave me but he would wait for me anyway. I just kept to my pace so as not to hold him back. I kept to my steady pace and was surprised that I was confident that I would make it!
The first 6 kilometers were easy because I run at our office gym daily. But running on a treadmill is very different from running on the street. At 7kim, I was just happy to still be able to lift my legs!
It was 8km and I was still smiling! I was afraid of getting cramps because I was not used t o running this distance, but thankfully all was well.
By this time, I was more than confident that I am able to finish the race and with good time too! With just 1 km to go, I was feeling high indeed! We listened to our body and with really no time to beat, we know that we were having a good run time.
And we did it! Running with my husband was fun and we kissed upon reaching the finish line! 1 hour and 27 minutes for our first 10k was not bad at all!
We survived our First Fit and Fun 10K Wellness Buddy Run!
One thing that I learned from this run is that the registration fee is nothing compared to the giveaways that you will get from the sponsors! These bags were handed to us right after finishing the race.
These were the loots from the bags and from the various booths!
This was taken at Dole booth, but they dont have bananas, only pineapples! Here is B1 and B2, hehe.
Another fun picture taken at the close up booth gave us a very nice souvenir of that run that we did, an experience that we will cherish until our next race!
Next post, 10 things I learned about my first 10K run.

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