Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jul 6, 2011

Its the middle of the work week and time to count our blessings! The more blessings you count, the more they will pour! So once again, ten reasons for my happiness this week:
1. Feeling well enough to go back to work after being on leave for one and a half days.
2. Super sweet daughter Ishi who would arrange my blanket and massage my temple and who would kiss me every time she goes near me so that I will feel better.
3. My eldest son Drexelle for making me the best hot coffee and serving it with a smile!
4. Danniel for always asking me if I want a book to read.
5. My husband for the pineapples.
6. My friends and Ate Dianne for texting me to get better already.
7. Internet access at home thanks to KC, ha ha. Her broadband thingie broke down so she uses mine (prepaid) and then instead of changing the sim card all the time, she just let us use it most of the time and would just get it when her fiance is online.
8. My mom, who despite also being sick, cooked my favorite munggo and kamote so that I will feel a lot better.
9. My sister Kris for always picking up the slack at everything I cant do at home.
10. For Vangie, for taking care of work without bothering me for even a moment while I was sick.

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  • VanityofVanities
    July 07, 2011  

    Stumbled on your blog today. There are indeed many things to be thankful for. Count your blessings and name it one by one, a famous adage may say. So, thanks for making me realize that there are things in our lives that no matter how small, we must always remember to be grateful and thankful.

    Cathy@scrub pants

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