Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jul 20, 2011

Its Wednesday and its the day of the week to count our blessings! Happiness is:
1. That wonderful 10km run last Sunday. I survived!
2. The Cebu family trip in August will push through, God willing!
3. The best sister in the world, Ate Dianne turned a year older and prettier! Love you ate!
4. My sistah from another motha and best friend for life, Rona, had her birthday too! Love you din Rona!
5. Oh, and the birthday food. Dinuguan and pansit of Kuya Mher, and Rona's chili crab. Yummeeeeee!
6. My curly hair. Long story, but it now looks great.
7. My husband's massage from De Stress Spa. It was great and he loved my gift.
8. Surviving the first month of my kids tuition, ha ha. Ouch but worth it.
9. My family for always making everything worth it.
10. My friends and office mates or friends at the office, for making my work feels not like work but play, hi hi. I am very lucky to be working with these wonderful people and even if I don't say it much, I hope they realize that I feel that way about them!

It was really a wonderful week and I am looking forward to more great week ahead! I can only count my blessings and I know that I can survive anything! For credits on this meme and to see how this started, check here.

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