Cebu Itinerary, Day2, Part 2

Aug 25, 2011

This is a continuation of my posts about our Cebu itinerary on our recent trip. First entry was our Day 1 and this is the second post of our Day 2. I also posted about some things I learned in Cebu and I will soon post about our food trip as soon as I am done with the itinerary. So I left of at Magellan's Cross in front of the Cebu City Hall.

  1. From Magellan's Cross, we walked a little farther and saw the Port of Cebu or Malacanan sa Sugbu. It is just right across the Fort of San Pedro.
  2. Fort San Pedro, described in an official repoort in 1939 is triangular in shape and made of stone and mortar. It looked a lot like Fort Santiago in Intramuros and while we were there, some men were setting up tents for a party. The place looks like a fortress and a watch tower for incoming enemies. There is also a national museum inside which kept Katipunero weapons, clothes and letters. At the entrance, there is also an exhibit on the founding of Cebu and Fort San Pedro in the past. Entrance fee was P40 and they give discounts for kids and senior citizens.
  3. From Fort San PEdro, we walked across a big park called Plaza Independencia. There was no more time to sit and take pictures because it was almost 12 noon by then and the kids were getting cranky.
  4. From Plaza Independencia, we rode a jeepney going to SM Cebu and then we just crossed the street to go to CNT Lechon.
  5. The lechon was good and we ordered a kilo at P360. More pictures of the food on a later post on the food trip!
  6. Then we went to SM Cebu to freshen up and we ate halo halo and banana float at Ice Castle.
  7. The kids enjoyed some rides at SM Cebu while I was enjoying their free wifi searching for a good beach in Mactan.
  8. Then we went to the taxi area to take a ride to the Taoist temple. Things went a little sour here when the driver refused to let us ride his car because we were too many. We were actually 4 adults and 4 kids per taxi but the driver refused and we all decided not to go to Taoist Temple anymore when the driver offered us a metered ride plus P250 per taxi.
  9. We went to the jeepney area and looked for the one that would take us to Carbon Market. It proved to be a good decision that we didtnt go to Taoist Temple because it started raining so hard when we were on the jeepney going to Carbon market! But it was bad because we walked while it was still raining and we had to stay at the market for an hour while it was raining so hard! But we were able to buy all the dried mangoes and otap that we wanted for pasalubong. We didnt try to buy any danggit because we had no check in baggage.
  10. When the rain let up a little, we took a taxi to Sampaguita Suite and we were almost done with the day because it was almost 6pm when we get back.
  11. For dinner and because it was still raining a little, my husband and I bought Monggo and Dinuguan from Zubuchon for dinner and we ate inside the room. Then we bought some canned beer from Mercury Drug to cap off our evening!
It was a wonderful day at Cebu City, although a little spoiled by that obnoxious taxi driver. We missed some spots from our itinerary like Casa Gorordo museum, Heritage monument of Cebu, Yap-San Diego Ancestral house and the Taoist Temple but we didnt think that we missed much. we loved the places we visited in Cebu and we had a taste both of the old and the new, the food and the culture and its people. All of the people that we asked for directions were willing to help us although some cannot speak in Tagalog. Cebu is a real nice place full of character and I am happy that were able to see it for the whole day!

My next post will be about our Day Trip to Mactan Island.

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