How to Enjoy A Field Trip as a Chaperon

Aug 3, 2011

How to enjoy a field trip as a chaperon? Two words: HAVE FUN! Field trips are an avenue for our kids to learn new things outside of their classroom. My kids look forward to their field trip because it means they get to choose what food and snacks they can bring and brag to their classmates. A week before, they are already making a list of what to buy and who to sit with. They are super excited on the day itself because it also means a whole day outside spent with Mommy! I had to chaperon my daughter in Grade 1 and I requested that my son in Grade 3 just join us in the bus. They were both okay with it and we get to enjoy being together. One of my daughter's BFF had no chaperon so she was among my wards for the day!
I let them had fun and was just behind them to coax them to pose for pictures.
I encouraged them to join their friends and to learn new things together. I also told them to jump for me, and they did! But I keep on missing the jump, haha.
And while I was a chaperon watching my kids learn, I learn new things my self and just had fun being with them and learning with them. Yes, it is easy to enjoy a field trip because I see it not as a responsibility but a fun time for me too! And despite having to clean up messes by my son and Ishi's classmate because of motion sickness, it was fun, fun field trip! And Mommy gets to eat junk food too.

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