Things I learned in Cebu

Aug 18, 2011

We were in Cebu from August 8 to 11 and it was a tiring but super fun experience. My whole family, my sister and her family, my younger sister and my mother and mother-in-law was with us in this trip. My sister-in-law and her kids also arrived during our second day and we all had fun together during our third day. Before I tell you all about our trip, here are some things I learned during this trip to Cebu.
1. There are three cities: Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu Lapu City, that you will see, visit or pass by. We stayed at Cebu City and it was good thing too because most the tourist sites are within the area. We passed by Mandaue City from the airport and on our way to Lapu Lapu City where Mactan Island was. I never knew this before and I would have booked as a room in Mandaue City if only the reservation agent at Europa Mansionette was a little more helpful. Goiod thing we ended up staying at Sampaguita Suites which was very near all conveniences.

2. You would save a lot of money if you are willing to suffer some minor discomfort. Though we were 8 adults and 4 kids in our group, we opted not to take a van for the city tour. The cost was P3,500 for 8 hours and P4,500 for 12 hours. We ended up taking a jeepney from Sampaguita Suites and it costs us only P60 and then another jeepney to SM Cebu from Plaza Independencia and another jeepney to Taboan Market. We only took a cab from Taboan back to the hotel because it was raining by then. We only missed visiting the Taoist temple because the taxi driver refused to take us if we wouldn't add P250 to the meter price but it was a better decision because it rained until the evening. We didn't even spend anywhere near a thousand pesos for transportation!

3. Dont expect too much and you wont be disappointed but you might be surprised!. During my first ever travel to Baguio with my family, I had a very romanticized image of the Pine City. I would be cold, clean and the views amazing! Needless to say I was sorely disappointed. It was hot, the traffic was bad and Mines View park was a terrible letdown. For this travel to Cebu, I read a lot and was not expecting to be dazzled by Baguio. I was just going to enjoy a new place with my family and will be happy about it. I was not disappointed when we arrived at the city during traffic hours and that the place looked just like any street in Espana in Manila. But I was happy to discover and see for my self the birth of Christianity in my country, the courage of my ancestors and the faith of my people. I was happy to see the everyday life of Cebuanos and can imagine myself living in Cebu. I was not disappointed because I was happy to be in Cebu.

4. Kindness knows no language. Some people who helped us with directions understand , but but cannot speak in Tagalog but they were most helpful anyway. We can easily find our way from one place to another riding the public transporation because of these kind people who would suggest the best way to get to one place.

I love traveling and I especially love this quote, "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

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