Typhoon Ondoy 2 Years Ago

Sep 26, 2011

Two years after and yet, I cannot still forget the horrible feeling of helpless of being flooded that day. You can say that it was our fault that almost all of our things got wet, but we have never had the experience of being flooded and since we were thinking that the water would stop rising, it was too late at that time to transfer our belongings to our neighbor. Only the computer, tv and electric fans were immediately moved to higher ground and so clothes, books and bags were left submerged. Hay, I guess a lot of people have horror stories and I am just thankful that we did not lose any member of our family. My husband who has work on Saturdays did not make it home until very early morning on Sunday. When I saw him, I was just weak-kneed with relief. I just hope that Ondoy will forever remain as a reminder of what nature is capable of and we must learn our lesson never to underestimate it.

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