Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Sep 14, 2011

Last week has been hell but despite all of it, there are still lots of reasons to be happy. Happiness is:
1. My kids for being everything and more that a mom can ask for/
2. Friends for words of wisdom and encouragement, most especially to Blanda, Ria and Ehms for keeping me sane.
3. My sister Dianne for her love and support
4. My mom and sister Kris for always being there to support me.
5. Drexelle for being such a sweet and understanding kid.
6. Tequila for the courage.
7. The 3lbs that I lost, ha ha!
8. My new Dickies wrist watch.
9. The office gym for letting me pass the time more productively.
10. Ehms's birthday and get together with friends.

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