Garage Woes

Oct 18, 2011

This morning was not one of my best ones because while I subscribe to the love your neighbor bit and all, I don't I will be able to love this new one. Our new neighbor moved yesterday and he completely blocked our garage door and driveway! That is not a way to endear yourselves to your new neighbors, right? I just learned from my mother in law that they moved in yesterday because there was this big truck on the street with all their stuff and there was a new car parked there as well. But what I don't get is why they had to park right in front of our house and block our exit. My mom said they were having trouble with their own parking inside because of faulty garage door installation by the previous homeowner. I could have forgiven them if they took the time to move their car in the morning when it was time for us, their neighbor to use the spot to exit form their own house and go to work, but hey, we had to knock at their door to ask the, kindly if I may add, to move their car. Anyway, this early morning rant is just because I was late because of that precious few minutes it took to move their car, but when I am in a better mood, I might tell them about garage door installation peoria and end their garage woes and ours too!

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