Mommy's Favorites!

Oct 14, 2011

mommy moments

Here are just some things that I will consider my favorites. One of them is this office plant which I brought from home and the bottle was recycled from one of my boss' wedding invitation. I have several others at the office because I always want to be surrounded by something green and alive!
This one is from my friend Weng, a gentle reminder to watch my weight. Its actually a thing-a-magig- where you put your wrist when holding the mouse but I have it as a reminder not to pig out all the time, haha!
And this is my point and shoot camera (can you see from the reflection?) which I love to bits! Of course, my dream camera is a Canon DSLR but I wouldn't want to give this one up. And can you see the beautiful Manila Bay sunset? That's a view from my office window by the way.
And this is Liway, my trusty mini laptop which I am missing right now because my sister has monopoly over her because of her final exams and papers and a lot more! Its a good thing I can blog from somewhere else, he he.
And finally, my books. Can you see that the Harry Potter and Twilight books are on the top shelf to avoid wear and tear, ha ha. (and I am sorry but I cant seem yo make this image upright)
Love this Mommy Moment's!

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  • JonaBQ
    October 15, 2011  

    who could opt out our lappies and our cams as our favorite things in life? not a fan of Harry Potter but of Twilight yes yes yes!
    thanks for the visit and comment! :D
    i'll add your blog to my links. pls. follow my blogs if you haven't. thanks!
    Our Family



  • Tetcha
    October 15, 2011  

    "A reminder not to pig out all the time," I love that, but we can always pig out once in a while, right? Happy MM, and thanks for visiting my entry!

  • grechie
    October 15, 2011  

    i bought a box for my twilight series books and for my harry potter books as well. hahaha!

  • Hazel
    October 15, 2011  

    My Harry Potter and Twilight books are on top of my shelf too :) With you on the Canon DSLR. Kung kelan ako walang pero dun ako nag-aambisyon sa kamahalang SLR na yan :D

  • Unknown
    October 15, 2011  

    waa medyo na hilo nga ako sa books mo sis.. but i love it.. magkakasundo tayo pagdating k harry heheh

    here's my fave

  • Rcel
    October 15, 2011  

    Yep, yep, I see the digicam right there! I love that green plant, too! Nice share, sis! :)

    I am back at MM bloghopping! Sorry for my absence in the past couple of weeks. I think I can say I'm all settled now in our new place! :) Sharing my PERSONAL LOVED ITEMS, too!

  • Chris
    October 16, 2011  

    love that plant and book collection :D these are truly some of our favoite things! :D

  • Nortehanon
    October 17, 2011  

    Nice naman, may collection ka ng books. Ako, I read books, pero after I read them, I give them away. My friends think it's I'm weird hahaha. Ang rason ko naman, para iba naman makabasa nung books ;)

    Kung meron man akong naitatago, lahat mga children's books hehehe

    About the SLR, wag magmadali. I'm sure mabibili mo rin yan. First things first muna, di ba? ;)

    Hmn, teka, malapit ka ba sa Roxas Blvd? Di ba nabaha ang office ninyo nung bagyo? Sana naman hindi.

  • Icar
    October 18, 2011  

    thanks for sharing sis,HP fan here as well..
    first gift ata ng hubby ko sken ung first 4 books ng HP and i also LIKe your piggy churva(hehe)

    happy MM!new follower here too...

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