Eslendre's IPL and Whitening Package: A Review, Part 2

Jan 3, 2012

On a previous post, I told how I got 5 vouchers to Eslendre's IPL and Whitening Package and described how the IPL procedures goes. I also said that the deal was misleading because the package does include any whitening treatment at all. As explained to me by the therapist, the whitening aspect is a side effect of the IPL treatment. So with that out of the way, I will tell you the things I like and didn't like about Eslendre Body Sculpting and Slimming Center.
What I Like about Eslendre:
1. The place looks very well maintained and very clean. The all-white color of the center makes the place looks elegant.2. The ladies at the reception desk are very accommodating. Since I called to schedule an appointment, I just gave them my voucher and I was treated right away. I can see that their scheduling was very organized. This was true during my first, second and third visit.3. The waiting area, with its white couch and LCD TV was a hit with my husband who was just getting comfortable watching a movie when I was done with my treatment.4. The treatment room with the machine was very well-lit and the bed and wrap-around was clean.5. My therapist, Cyril, explained to me the procedure in detail and was kind enough to answer all my questions about the treatment.
6. During the treatment, I was warned about how the ultrasound gel was cold and how the zap was going to sting a little bit. I was asked to wear a mask as protection for my eyes during the treatment. The therapist Cyril, is very professional and personable during all my visits. She asks me all the time how the treatment was and if I am satisfied or notice any improvement at all.
7. There are also fliers at the reception area for additional treatments should one be interested.

I really like Eslendre because I feel that I am getting a full service and not just a discounted service for the discounted price that I paid for the treatments. When I compared my IPL treatment with other girls from my office who availed from another clinic, they were surprised to hear that I get some 12, 7 and 7 zaps on each underarm during my first, second and third visits. The most that they get was 6 zaps on the first treatment. And according to my mom, my underarm is lightening already so I guess its true that the whitening part is a side effect of the IPL.

Anyway, I cant think of anything that I dont like about Eslendre because as I said, the place is clean and the people very professional. I just wish they would offer more deals in the future so that I can afford more of their services! I may blog about my 4th and 5th session with them should I have additional comments but if I don't, you can just count me as one happy customer!

6 comments: to “ Eslendre's IPL and Whitening Package: A Review, Part 2

  • Laine
    January 14, 2012  

    i agree with you sis, the place is very cozy and neat and the staffs are very husband also likes the wall-mounted lcd monitor and the movies that were played. also, i am very satisfied with the clicks they administer. i asked another derma clinic (that dosen't offer discount coupons) how many clicks they do to their client, they said according or depends on the characteristic of the hair, but i insisted on dropping a number and asked mine first, i said i guess the last time was 8 or 9 and they said "pwde na" so i guess i am enjoying the full value as a regular customer would do.

  • ina
    November 15, 2012  

    i already had 2 IPL sessions with eslendre.. same price as yours, 250. i have thick hairs daw kaya cguro wla pako makitang effect sa under arms. sa upper lip and lower lip (100 each lang) ay me effect na. comparing the result of 2 sessions sa underarm at lip, i conclude na pag thin hairs lang me effect agad kahit konti.

    you had 7clicks/zaps each underarm? bilangin ko nga sa 3rd session ko.. parang tig-3 zaps lang both underarm for the last 2 sessions i had..

  • Dinah
    November 16, 2012  

    @ina, i also have thick hairs and even after my 5th session, meron pa din. but considerably nabawasan na. you must have 10 yata to see maximum results.

  • Anonymous
    February 21, 2013  

    Hi sis, was the IPL Treatment effective?

  • Anonymous
    September 27, 2017  

    Which branch did you go?

  • jona
    January 03, 2018  

    hi! do you have an idea if naa pa sila diri sa cebu?

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