Lucky Charms for the Chinese New Year!

Jan 23, 2012

We were in Quaipo last Saturday to buy new eye glasses for my son and my self and we saw so many lucky charms for the Chinese New Year being sold on the street. The ones below were for sale under the Hidalgo underpass, for P120 each. Since I only had enough budget for the glasses, I restrained myself from buying. I wasnt sure what to buy any way.
But when I saw these lucky charms on display, I just had to buy it! I was boen under the fire dragon sign, and I new these coins were for prosperity so I know I can never go wrong with them. And for only P20, I felt I was already lucky!

So they now hang inside our house, just one step from the door. I hope it will bring us luck, prosperity and financial success this year, coupled with our hard work! Happy Chinese Lunar Year to all of you!

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