The Spa Philosophy Review: It Sucks!

Jan 17, 2012

I bought 2 vouchers at Metrodeal for the 60-minutes full body massage at The Spa Philosophy in D. Tuazon at only P110 instead of the regular price of P220 and I consider it the worst deal of my life! As required, I made a reservation for myself and my husband at 8pm last night and was there promptly 15 minutes before. And I even called at 6pm to re-confirm my reservation. And then we waited for an hour before finally it was our turn. I was bothered that they offered everybody else hot tea, while they just made us wait there! I didn't call their attention to it, as I can see that those other walk-in clients were not Metrodeal voucher holders so I just assumed that we were second-class citizens or something. But they can clearly see that we were waiting so even if Metrodeal voucher-holders were not supposed to get tea, it was common decency to offer us water or something. When I handed my metrodeal voucher, the girl at the reception said 'metrodeal na naman' but I didn't think much about it initially. Only when everybody else was getting hot drinks, even those who waited for 5 minutes and then left were given tea did I made that realization. After 45 minutes of waiting, I asked the guy at the reception if it will take long and he said 'sandali na lang po.' One client who came after us was whisked away upstairs even before us and by the way he was talking to the therapist, he looks like a regular. A therapist doing foot spa on a client said, 'oo nga, kanina pa sila.' By this time, I would have walked out, if not for my husband who really wanted a massage since December. And I was telling him I was already pissed off and he was busy on his phone because of the free wifi (the only saving grace in this whole fiasco) so I just lie down on the couch! Finally, at 9m, we were asked to go up. We were led to this dark room and the therapist just left us there. She didn't even turn on a light or told us to change already. So I went out and ask if we should change already or something. So we changed in the dark and then WAITED AGAIN FOR ANOTHER 20 MINUTES! We were almost naked, save for undies and the shorts they provided and some towels and we again waited! And you know why? 'NAUBUSAN PO KASI NG OIL KAYA BUMILI PA!' It was really a test case for my patience that when the therapist came in and started the massage, I just resigned myself to the fact that NEVER AGAIN WILL I VISIT NOR RECOMMEND THE SPA PHILOSOPHY! And how was the massage? The massage at Xquizite Spa was wayyyyyy better! As I write this post, my shoulders are still aching, as if I just finished doing a huge mountain of laundry! A good massage must make you feel good after, and not come out of it feeling as though you have been on a fight! Oh, and they did offer us hot tea after the massage but I was already hungry and pissed off at this time and so I declined. My husband was complaining that 'kulang ang oil' and 'super bitin yung massage.' And if you think that I am saying just it because I was made to wait that long, then go ahead and go to The Spa Philosophy. Don't tell me you haven't been warned! Oh, and this is not my first time to avail of the service at The Spa Philosophy. I also bought vouchers from Ensogo for their underarm treatment and I was also made to wait for 30 minutes on both occasions, even when I had reservations too, but I didn't mind it then because the staff apologized for the delay and the service was good. I know that I probably get what I paid for but I didn't expect that you get half the service for paying half the price! Some might say that nobody made us wait and it was our decision to wait but the vouchers have been paid for and non-refundable and we were there already and I don't think I would come back again anyway after that 30 minutes and so we decided to just stick around. And what for? A crappy massage! If they were expecting a number of clients and then walk in clients take priority, then why sell more than a thousand of those massage and make people who made paid in advance and made prior reservations wait?

So again, the service at The Spa Philosophy sucks and I will not go there again even if they pay me! You have been warned! And yes, I did not leave any tip because you only tip for good service and service at the The Spa Philosophy sucks!

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