35 and Loving It!

Feb 7, 2012

I am 35 years old and loving it! My friends from the office surprised me with a simple feast, knowing that I had no more money for a birthday treat. My daughter was hospitalized for Dengue fever for 6 days and my eldest son had to be rushed to the ER. Funds were really low and at the bottom of my expense list was a feast for my birthday. But my friends are indeed great friends and the pansit, cake and spaghetti really tasted very good, more so because it was such a heartfelt treat! I love how I grow not just in years, but in the love of my friends! I am blessed because they love me and I know it!
The small bunch of people who made my day extra special.
Not in the photo are Weng- my kumare who now works abroad, and Luz and Tinn, and Bunny.
35 is just a number and I know that my life's journey has only just begun. There are old problems but new challenges and some disappointments but more reason to be happy and look forward to more great years to come! Thank you to all my friends who prayed for my kids, and for the love that they showed me all these years!

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