Thank You, Eslendre!

Feb 20, 2012

I write about my personal experiences on this blog or on the other. When I bought an underarm whitening services and I liked it, I wrote about it. When I bought a massage that I loved and or about one that turned out crappy, or worse than crappy, I wrote about it. When I bought play vouchers for my kids and they loved it, I wrote about it too. I bought and paid for those services and I have a right to write about how I felt about it. I have never been to a place, hoping to get preferential treatment, just so I can write good reviews about it. That is not how I do it.

So when I wrote about how I felt about Eslendre's treatment, and how I really think that I did get my money's worth and more, I was just writing about my personal experience. Can you imagine my surprise when during my last visit, my 5th voucher, they were thankful for my review and gave me a free Diamond tome treatment? I was touched, really. First, that they read my blog, and that they were grateful too! Anyway, I just want to shout it out again, to the wonderful people at Eslendre that I love your service and I am going to be one loyal costumer (if my budget should permit it, ha ha)! Thanks Eslendre!

2 comments: to “ Thank You, Eslendre!

  • Anonymous
    May 15, 2012  

    Hi. Have you tried their 3-Step Non-Invasive Treatment including Cavitalipo + Tripollar RF + Electro-Muscular Stimulator? If yes, how was it? how much did you lose?

  • Dinah
    May 16, 2012  

    hi, no i havent tried that treatment but I am scheduled today for their Diamond tome ;-)

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