Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Apr 4, 2012

Today is the last day of the work week before the start of the long weekend for the Easter vacation and of course, office slaves that we are cannot contain our happiness anymore for seeing such freedom on the horizon! But we must always remember that this is not just a time for vacation, but a time for togetherness and reflection. Happiness is:
1. Long vacation at the dream house.
2. Looking forward to our very first Visita Iglesia tomorrow. The plan is to visit 7 churches and do the stations of the cross from our church here in QC to our house in Montalban.
3. The 2-day finance training that I had last week. I need more.
4. My polyps have shrunk! Can breathe properly now and hopefully for the next 6 months they wont grow back again.
5. Side effects of the steroids starting to wane. Hay, drugs are really bad for you, even necessary ones!
6. No serious weight gain despite the eating for the medications! Yey!
7. Feeling quite sexy with my high heeled shoes!
8. Our van is almost one year old! Well, its technically more than 20 years old but its been with us for almost one and it has never let us down so far.
9. Looking forward to spending a day of reflection and rest this weekend!
10. Making swimming plans.

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