Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Oct 17, 2012

If you start counting your blessings, you will never run out of something to be thankful for! Happiness is:
1. Our Boracay trip is tomorrow!
2. I am going to Cambodia in February. Yep, ticketed and all, but no budget whatsoever. Ha ha, thats the optimistic me.
3. The cute blouse my Ate Dianne gave me.
4. Inay is back safely home.
5. The blog income, which I was initially planning to withdraw for the Kindle is now going to be my Cambodia fund! Hope my Google Adsense income reaches payout level by then!
6. Kris' OJT is over and her sembreak is almost here. Rest!
7. Noel had his contract signing for proby position yesterday and had his orientation today. Thank you God for this blessing.
8. My boss is doing better now.
9. My office laptop is now okay, thanks to the newly installed HDD.
10. For the lost inches and lbs.

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