The Beautiful Tropical Garden at the QC Memorial Circle

Nov 20, 2012

We were in our favorite park in the world, the QC Memorial Circle, for some quality family time last Sunday and we were very happy to discover the newest improvement in the park: the Tropical Garden.
It was inaugurated just this October, and after a morning of playing badminton, running and walking, the Tropical Garden was a very welcome sight. The picture below immediately caught my eyes because what is the poor guy doing there? Ha ha!
 The beautiful lake at the Tropical Garden.  Can you see the monument? There are lots of green, and water and we were just peacefully walking along, taking in the surroundings!
 Everywhere was picture perfect! And even my hyper active kids were enjoying the peaceful view!
 The waterlilies in the pond! We were actually waiting for some frogs, but it might be too early for this park.  I will give it a few more months and I know frogs will be a welcome sight here!
 Just taking the time to enjoy the view! I can stay here all day, with a good book.
 Ha ha, my husband is actually guilty of sleeping in the park that's why he is not in the photos.  But he just came home from night duty, and drove us straight to the park.  After eating breakfast, which we bought in the food stalls, he slept soundly!
 Perfect for photo ops! I just wish water was flowing on those rocks so that the water wont turn murky.
These huge art installations were such a hit with my eldest son.  They were part of the KM1 public photography exhibit and they indeed are great to make the masses enjoy art!
One more look at this beautiful Tropical Garden and a shout out to the QC government and the park administrators for maintaining the QC Memorial Circle into a family park!

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