Christmas Gift Loots!

Dec 21, 2012

I got this from the office Christmas 'exchange gift' yesterday and I was so happy! Well, this was technically not a surprise since I put it down on my wish list but I was still so happy to get it! They know for a cam whore  somebody who takes pictures of me and of everything (pang-blog, ha ha ha) so this really suits me!
But I was actually more surprised to get this monopod below as an extra gift! Its an arm extender, so that you can take your own picture, ha ha! I should have bought one sooner so that my husband and I could have had more pictures together when we went to Boracay last October.  The camera is not included, that's my old one. 
Next item on my list is a dslr, but that will have to wait a little since I am saving for the CDO and Cambodia trip for first quarter next year!

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