Painting the House Green!

Dec 5, 2012

This time of the year, and sometimes after Christmas, we get the house ready for the New Year. Sometimes, we buy new furniture sets like the sofa we got last year, or we paint the house.  For this year I think, we will paint the house green unless my husband gets me any of the listings at fountain hills real estate then I wouldn't have to get it ready! A new house would be the perfect Christmas gift but of course, that is just wishful thinking.  But our house, newly painted, and with my loved ones happy and healthy, is the most special gift that I could ask for.  No house, big or small, can make me happier than seeing my family happy. But of course, it would make them more comfortable if the house is clean and presentable.  So I will set aside one day of next week to do the painting.  And actually, this is not chore for me because I love painting the house and see it transform our home. If only I can say the same for my eldest son, ha ha ha. But I am sure he will help me because he cant stand see me getting tired by myself.

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