Save Some Money This Christmas

Dec 13, 2012

This is just a friendly reminder this holiday season.  We may be so caught up with the excitement of the Christmas season and in getting our bonuses that we might forget to save some money.  To avoid this, when I get my money, I put half into my savings account and I promise myself I won't touch it no matter what happens.  I have a budget that I follow, and if I know that I will exceed this budget, I cut down on some items.  I believe that we should set aside some money as savings for future purchases, like real estate orange beach investment perhaps.  Of course, we all want to give something since this is the season of giving, but we must also remember to reward ourselves.  Rewarding ourselves doesn't always mean buying the latest phone or other gadgets, but by  first by saving some money.  When you know you have money kept for emergency and investment purposes, you have sanity and peace mind. And remember, Christmas is not always about gifts, but more about giving love and time and togetherness. For my family, I know that aside from the gifts that we will receive, the greatest gift will always be each other.

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