Jan 16, 2013

As of this writing, I am busy planning two travels: next week to Cagayan de Oro with hubby and superfriends, and next month to Cambodia with office friends.  And I am so excited, I just cant hide it! I cant even concentrate at work, and is almost always looking at blogs and their escapades.  The only thing dampening the excitement is the money factor, or the lack of it, ha ha ha.  But as I always say, memories are priceless, and money is just money (says somebody who wracks her brain every payday to make ends meet, ha ha ha!).  Actually, one of my resolutions is to save money first , then travel.  But as it always happen, sale seats strike, and I'm only human, ha ha ha.  

The trip to Cambodia will be my first ever out of the country trip, so it is an item off my bucket list.  I told myself that I will have my passport stamped before I turn 35, but I will be 36 next month so it really is a milestone.  We already tickets and hotel rooms, and I just need more money, ha ha ha.  But money will come because I prayed hard for it.  I know God will provide!

So excuse me while I map my travel calendar again for this year, as I vow to visit one new place each month!

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