I'm Finally Driving!

Jan 4, 2013

One of the items in my bucket list that I was able to cross off last year was learning to drive. After we bought an automatic car last quarter of the year in 2012, I immediately renewed my license and my husband set about teaching me.  I was able to drive our manual car some years back.   But I wasn't able to drive it on my own, without another driver beside me so I cannot claim then that I am driving.  But last year was different, and while I have only driven once without a driver with me, I was able to drive the whole family to the mall and to my sister's house.  I know that I can do it already, except that I am still having trouble parking in tight spaces.  Anyway, this morning, I drive to work with my husband beside me and he didn't have any more comment! I think I am already driving! Next plan is to go somewhere North where I can try my skills at a long drive, if my family would not rather opt for bus charters, ha ha!  Okay, maybe I should set my sight a little lower, like maybe driving by myself to work!

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