Jan 10, 2013

If I were to win the lottery, I would surely have one vice: I would travel! But since I am not rich, I travel as much as my budget would allow.  I make it a point to visit one new place a year, thanks to seat sales and my traveling buddies.  For this year, I know that I will indeed go places, and here is my travel plan for the first quarter of the year, heavy emphasis on plan:

January-Cagayan de Oro with BFF's Ehms, Rona and our husbands (except Paul, although at this writing we are still hoping that he will be able to join us)! We will try to go to Camiguin and Iligan as well.
February-my first out of the country trip: Cambodia! This is with my office mates and I am fortunate to be going with well-traveled buddies on my first time!
March-I plan to do the Sagada tour with Ehms, if budget would permit.

During the summer months, I hope we can go to Subic or Zambales or maybe even Ilocos Norte. A road trip for a change.  Then sometime in the third quarter of the year, I hope and pray that my husband and I can bring our kids to Puerto Princesa. And if we are lucky for my husband and I to go to Singapore and Malaysia.

Yes, I have wanderlust: that strong desire to travel.  Don't you? :)

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