Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Jan 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone! Its midweek, and time to count our blessings.  Happiness is:

1. Zumba classes at the office started again last night. I died, ha ha ha.
2. Cashing out Google Adsense earnings. In dollars! So money for my Cambodia fund. Just four hundred dollars to go!
3. Booking our CDO hotel and adventure. Super excited!
4. My husband, for always making time to bring me from and to work. Ang sweet eh!
5. That feeling you get when you finally realize that you can drive. Now, if I can only say the same about my parking skills, he he he.
6. Our paluwagan(credit coop), for the savings that I am able to make and knowing how it works. Ang hirap pala. Now ko lang sobrang na-aappreciate yung mga dating may hawak nito. Thanks guys!
7. Ishi for learning to be so responsible with her pet hamsters. She is so caring.  I wish I can let her have a pet dog, but our house is too small for such a house pet.  Maybe someday
8. Kris and her OJT at ABS starts today! Yes, a few more months and she will be officially a journalist and closer to her dreams!
9. Inay for working so hard for my family. With my poor budgeting skills and my travels, panu pa kami kakain kung hindi kay Inay? He he he.
10. Gym. Im going back to the gym, for free!!!

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